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AXIS Martial Arts is a world-class FREE software platform that enables you to manage your school, your students and your membership fees.

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Students & Lead Management

Manage all student and lead information, including personal details, medical conditions, programs, grading history, documents and much much more.>


Programs & Syllabuses

Create and customize your programs to suit your martial arts system with ranks and sub ranks, grading eligibility requirements, and multiple syllabuses per program.>


Timetable & Classes

Create your timetables and classes to suit your school, with the ability to assign classes to multiple locations and multiple class areas within a single location. Students and leads can check-in easily to classes using AXIS Kiosk.>



Manage your students' progress through your programs and syllabuses, keep track of their grading history and instructors can give feedback to students using Grading Prep.>

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Student & Lead Attendance

Membership Status

Program Status

Heat Map

Birthday Tracker


Student & Lead Profile

Daily Attendance

Performance Status

Grade Management

Membership Status

Digital Agreements


Programs and Ranks

Custom Programs


Grade Management

Membership Status

Digital Agreements


Grading System

Promote Students

Add Feedbacks

Sessions & Days Tracker

Fix Ranks


Attendance Tracker

Set Location & Class Area

Create Class

Set Class Schedules

Attendance Tracker



Create Custom Package

Custom Coupons

Set Membership Status

Automated Payments


What is the legacy of AXIS?

AXIS Martial Arts is the next generation of the legendary free software platform WhiteBelt

The WhiteBelt project began in 2017, aimed at helping the small martial school get ahead. Since then, it has grown significantly along with a community of progressive martial arts schools wanting to take their businesses to the next level.


There are currently over 250 schools across Australia, New Zealand and the UK using WhiteBelt to manage their schools.

Established 2017

We have been providing quality martial arts management software since 2017.


Students and leads have checked into classes since WhiteBelt began.

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